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View Recipe Database on Your Laptop In The Kitchen

Online Recipes - Recipe Database

Online Recipes - Recipe Database

My only cooking dilemma is where I store my entire recipe database, I have tried and dreamed of trying.  The recipe collection started out as a simple binder my mom helped me create several years ago.  Now the album has become an overgrown chaos of notes and print outs from the internet.  Rachel Ray’s online recipes from her website, Cooking Light, the Food Network, and many more websites have become my source and sense of inspiration.  Lucky me, lucky anyone that loves to cook and has access to the internet, with so many recipe choices for free it’s a wonder that cooking books still sell.  Thank goodness that they do, they are still my favorite books to read.

Well thank goodness I found a solution.  The stack of recipes printed out on 8.5 x 11, paper was taking over my precious cooking space.  Great white pieces of paper are good to keep notes on and read but not easy to organize amongst the mix nor not as much fun as what I call the mini amazing cooking show that I can watch anytime.  I’m talking about short videos on the internet.  You can fast forward, rewind and watch them as many times as you want.  What a fun way to catch every nuance a chef ads to a dish, even where you can arrange your pots and pans.

What’s the next great step, my solution of organizing paper recipes and enjoying internet video?  Bring a computer into the kitchen.  Computers have tried to invade the kitchen and organize your shopping list, maybe even do the shopping for you.  But, where can a cook get a high tech computer for the kitchen, that organizes thousands of recipes and that will also play those cool cooking internet videos?  I own a laptop, and it’s connected to the internet through a wireless router.  Should I use my nice laptop in the kitchen and take the chance of getting a spill or worse sticky splatter in the keys. Oh, I wanted a computer in the kitchen so bad, but if I use my laptop it would have to be protected and remain splash proof.  Was there a simple solution to my quandary, perhaps a laptop stand that I could use in the kitchen?

Seek and you shall find what you are looking for, sorry not this time. So, I found someone to make it for me.  A sleek, durable and easy to use kitchen laptop stand, that also is easy to clean and store.  Not too far away there was a happy little shop that agreed to the task and made a laptop stand that would keep my laptop safe and splash proof.   Now everyone can have one and have as much fun in the kitchen as I do.  Keeping my recipes organized in the kitchen has been as much as watching videos while I cook.  Can you believe computers may finally have a place in the kitchen?  Perhaps the computer just needed a windshield.  Have fun cooking with your splash proof laptop in the kitchen!

Learn more… http://bestcreativedesigns.com/blog/kitchen-laptop-stand

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