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Kitchen Laptop Stand (Office Product) –

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Kitchen Laptop Stand (Office Product) –
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The Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan | Mom’s Kitchen Gadgets

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The Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan | Mom’s Kitchen Gadgets
This 14” cast iron pan is just what every pizza lover needs in her arsenal. It comes pre-seasoned for a truly authentic pizzeria experience.

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Modern kitchen accessories – “My wife loves to cook with it…”

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My wife LOVES to cook. I suppose, to be more accurate, I should say she loves to bake. And in the digital age, she doesn’t bother killing a tree by printing out each new recipe. She’s got her folder of recipes, recipe websites, and email folders of recipes friends have sent her. So the normal setup for her is the food, the bowls and pans, and the Macbook all on the same counter.

My laptop is not allowed in the kitchen, nor is food or beverage allowed anywhere near my laptop. But what she does with her laptop is her business. (She already had to send it in to be repaired while under warranty a couple years ago because it stopped working due to a liquid being spilled on the keyboard of her Macbook.) She also knows that this is her only laptop for the near future. So if it stops working, she will be thrust back into the middle ages where she will need to use pen and paper or go to the library to check her email. We only have new laptops budgeted for once every 5 years, so it is imperative that we each make our laptops last!

I’m sure you can understand where I’m going with this: If she needs her laptop for cooking, isn’t that a dangerous situation for the kitchen?!? Not anymore!!! The Healthy Recipe Tester has created the “Kitchen Laptop Stand“! It protects your laptop from spills and splatter, and doubles as a book stand to hold a recipe book. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, but it’s the perfect laptop stand for someone like my wife, who needs the laptop in the kitchen, but wants to keep the laptop functional for years to come!

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Culinary Computer Cases

December 2, 2010 1 comment

The Kitchen Laptop Fends Off Filth and Grime

The Kitchen Laptop Stand is perfect for cooks who like to read recipes or watch culinary videos on their computers that they’ve set in the middle of messy counter tops.

Reading recipes in the midst of food preparation can get difficult and sloppy. It is not a place where your laptop should be, but with this clear and protective cover the Kitchen Laptop Stand holds it in an angle and can withstand the chaotic heat from the kitchen. It can even transform into a stand for cookbooks.


Star Trek Kitchen Computer

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Star Trek Inspired Kitchen Computer (Video) | oobject – Daily User
Star Trek Inspired Kitchen Computer (Video). November 24th, 2010 link to ( permalink). We have featured a few different PC mods here at Geeky Gadgets,…/71116/

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If you like to use your laptop to look up recipes or watch food preparation videos and then end up making a mess all over your kitchen, then you need a Kitchen Laptop Stand Kitchen Laptop Stand. The Internet can be a super handy tool for finding great recipes but sticky fingers, smoke from the stove, airborne flour and spices, food splatters, and flying liquids make for a less than ideal kitchen web browsing experience. This clear plastic laptop stand holds your laptop in place at a propped up angle while protecting it from all the hazards of your kitchen.  It can even go from high tech to low tech by holding and protecting your cookbooks (or romance novels if you prefer to cook that way, raaaoar) instead. Looks like it would fit an iPad too.

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November 21, 2010 1 comment

Fun kitchen gadgets are my favorite.  Most of all the kitchen gadgets that let me show off in the kitchen or make my guests say “ooh, what is that kitchen gadget?” “I’ve never seen that before, how does it work?”  If my guests react with comments similar to that one then I know I have a cool kitchen gadget.

My favorite is a simple two prong forked cork remover.  The gadget removes the cork from a wine bottle without using a cork screw.  To make it work, you push the metal forks between the cork and wine bottle neck.  Then twist the handle at the end of the forks while pulling upwards to remove the cork.  This is a great way to preserve the cork, and to prevent little pieces of cork from falling into your wine bottle.

I found the gadget in Annapolis Maryland, I assume that it’s a preferred method to remove the cork on the east coast.  Unlike us Midwestern that just want the cork out as soon as possible.   Any kitchen gadget is useful even if it just makes you feel smart.

Fun Kitchen Gadget

Fun Kitchen Gadget from Incredible Things