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November 21, 2010 1 comment

Fun kitchen gadgets are my favorite.  Most of all the kitchen gadgets that let me show off in the kitchen or make my guests say “ooh, what is that kitchen gadget?” “I’ve never seen that before, how does it work?”  If my guests react with comments similar to that one then I know I have a cool kitchen gadget.

My favorite is a simple two prong forked cork remover.  The gadget removes the cork from a wine bottle without using a cork screw.  To make it work, you push the metal forks between the cork and wine bottle neck.  Then twist the handle at the end of the forks while pulling upwards to remove the cork.  This is a great way to preserve the cork, and to prevent little pieces of cork from falling into your wine bottle.

I found the gadget in Annapolis Maryland, I assume that it’s a preferred method to remove the cork on the east coast.  Unlike us Midwestern that just want the cork out as soon as possible.   Any kitchen gadget is useful even if it just makes you feel smart.

Fun Kitchen Gadget

Fun Kitchen Gadget from Incredible Things


Is the laptop the new kitchen gadget?

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kitchen gadget - Fun Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadget - Fun Kitchen Gadgets